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Vehicle Tracking

vehicle Tracking

We Smart track Team Upload Your Fleet
Into Internet

All types of vehicles deploy around the globe to transport people and goods 24/7  whether they are valuable or not. Every day, millions of people and objects are suffering delays before reaching their destinations due to different reasons. Some are reaching destinations but not at the scheduled time.

At the same time, transportation costs are extremely high due to high fuel prices, shortages of spare parts, and high wages of workers.  However, fuel siphoning, root deviations, and usual stoppages, Idling as well as negligence-related accidents, may cost lives and permanently disable people.

Therefore, each vehicle’s live tracking and improving visibility from start to end of each trip is essential for fleet management.   

Therefore our team works hard to connect your vehicle to the internet whether new or old vehicle gets real-time monitoring and fuel management, remote driver behavior and control of vehicle giving service, maintainer updates, etc.

Also, our business model is very competitive and affordable for small or big fleet owners.  Therefore we invite you to get our latest system experience and convert your fleet business into a profitable and safe business. 



Dashboard Facility - vehicle tracking
live tracking - vehicle tracking
Reports and charts - vehicle tracking
Alerts - vehicle tracking
Job module - vehicle tracking
Driver behaviour - vehicle tracking
Tire management - vehicle tracking
Temperature monitoring - vehicle tracking
Expense Management- Vehicle tracking
Maintainance reminder - vehicle tracking
Eco-driving -Vehicle tracking
Diver performance analysis - vehicle tracking

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A vehicle tracking system offers tracking and monitoring services for your  vehicles. It keeps you updated on your vehicle’s location and notifies you when there’s an irregularity such as theft attempts or breaking and entering


 We give you the live location of your vehicle. You can easily locate your vehicle on a map. When an unauthorized individual attempt to ride in your vehicle, the anti-theft system will prevent the engine from starting. Reminders to perform routine maintenance to keep your car safe.


Vehicle Tracking software enables the exchange of data between sensors in real-time. Integrated fuel-level sensors communicate with your vehicle tracking platform to provide useful analytics like :

  • Fuel drain levels
  • Fuel refills
  • Vehicle mileages

With it, you can identify and prevent fuel thefts. Notice how often your drivers idle and coach them for better fuel efficiency.


Telematics can lead to some significant safety improvements for businesses across a variety of industries. From detecting driver fatigue and unsafe driving to vehicle maintenance issues — eliminate all the factors affecting driver and vehicle safety.


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