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Fuel Management

Fuel Management

Smart Track Experts for Vehicles Fuel Management.

Smart Track started Vehicle fuel management implementation in 2012. we deploy wired fuel sensors and delivered remarkable success for square Tank as well as  Round Tank fuel management. Also, we produce  Fuel reports and graphs, for refueling, fuel consumption, and fuel siphoning.  Our technology detects fuel thefts successfully and can save money for our customers. 

Now we have improved our system to wireless   Bluetooth fuel sensors.  and our accuracy improved to 97%-99%  and we eliminated all kinds of wire cutting and damage to the fuel system, minimizing the sabotaging of our fuel tracking system.   

now we show the digital fuel meter on the computer screen live, that fuel meter displays the fuel current level in liters and every changers in the tank up and down in real-time in liters. also fuel consumption and fuel waste and any refueling shown in liters.  

Our software system is capable of producing per liter millage to clients from our fuel reports it will give you a very clear idea of vehicle trip-by-trip fuel consumption very easily.   Not only that we can produce  day-by-day fuel cost in rupees,  as well as weekly and monthly fuel costs for each vehicle.   

not only that we provide 3 years warrenty and 5 yers life time for fuel sensor .   




fuel management - dashboard
fuel management - fill and drain
fuel management - charts
fuel management - fill and drain
fuel management - consumption
fuel management - fuel waste
fuel management trip cost
fuel management - trip summery
fuel management - abnormal consumption
fuel management alerts
fuel management - fuel economy

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A vehicle tracking system offers tracking and monitoring services for your  vehicles. It keeps you updated on your vehicle’s location and notifies you when there’s an irregularity such as theft attempts or breaking and entering


 We give you the live location of your vehicle. You can easily locate your vehicle on a map. When an unauthorized individual attempt to ride in your vehicle, the anti-theft system will prevent the engine from starting. Reminders to perform routine maintenance to keep your car safe.


Vehicle Tracking software enables the exchange of data between sensors in real-time. Integrated fuel-level sensors communicate with your vehicle tracking platform to provide useful analytics like :

  • Fuel drain levels
  • Fuel refills
  • Vehicle mileages

With it, you can identify and prevent fuel thefts. Notice how often your drivers idle and coach them for better fuel efficiency.


Telematics can lead to some significant safety improvements for businesses across a variety of industries. From detecting driver fatigue and unsafe driving to vehicle maintenance issues — eliminate all the factors affecting driver and vehicle safety.


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