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Employee Tracking

Employee Tracking

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Smart track Field employee tracking software can help you keep an eye on your employees’ activities, travel logs, meetings, leaves, expenses, and daily tasks, This software APP can be installed on any smartphone. our software converts smartphones to GPS units. without any additional devise cost existing phones can use for employee safety and visualize on-field movements. any number of your company workers are in stay in the loop. Management sends the task to each worker daily basis to complete during the day and monitors the performance. in the same way, workers can give proof to the management of their commitment and performance in reports live and monthly. This will be a very good opportunity to get a real update on the workers and stop misleading owners. our system will give real-time data records to management to get their correct decisions about field workers. platforms.

It provides real-time visibility of employees’ activity on the field. It provides device-less tracking. As needed, the platform can be used in a variety of domains. It also works in offline mode.




Attendance Monitoring-employee tracking
Leave Management - employee tracking
Alerts and notifications - employee tracking
live Tracking - employee tracking
job module - employee tracking
dashboard facility - employee tracking
Geo-fencing - employee tracking
Expense management -employee tracking
Turn-by-turn navigation - employee tracking
proof of complete tasking - employee tracking
Analytics - employee tracking

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Use Cases In Employee Tracking

remote sales -employee tracking
construction workers -employee tracking
garbage collectors -employee tacking
pest workers - employee tacking

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